When we’re young, all we want to do is grow up. We can’t wait to eat what we want, but what we want and watch what we want. One of life’s biggest tricks is realizing that once we’ve grown up and had so many serious decisions to make every day, we all wish we could go back. Back to the good ol’ days of having all our decisions made for us and living in blissful ignorance.

Basically being an adult is hard and it’s getting harder which can be scary and overwhelming in the world we live in. However, I believe that we can get through tough times if we’re well enough prepared and informed on the task ahead. I started this blog to help people do just that! My name is Miranda and I am a real estate agent based in San Diego. Working in this industry has taught me a lot about the importance of planning ahead as well as how not to get intimidated by many adult responsibilities.

Living a healthy and balanced life while maintaining a childlike heart is not something we only see in movies. It does require a lot more work than the movies suggest though! But don’t be scared! I am here to help. I hope you’re able to benefit from what I’ve learned and stay tuned for more in the future!