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6 Ways To Make Your Home Healthier

We can do all kinds of things to make our homes healthier. This decision will ultimately positively impact us. So that really makes it a no-brainer decision. While many of you believe that creating a healthier home can cost money, the opposite is actually true. So if you’re interested in that, follow our 6 ways.

Drink Pure Water By Using Filters

One way to make your home healthier is to evaluate the water quality. To do that, you can call your local water department and have them run tests. Based on the results, you might need to improve your water quality.

When it comes to drinking clean water, the benefits are obviously there. But what about drinking poor-quality water? If the water in your home contains unsafe levels of contaminants, then it might lead to many health conditions. These conditions can derail your immune system and cause all kinds of issues.

So the very first way to make your health healthier is to drink pure water by using water filters. Water filters are convenient gadgets that can be installed to filter out these harmful contaminants, or you can simply pour the water into one of these gadgets and let it do its job.

Prevent Mold From Occurring

Mold is caused by humidity. The most common places that catch mold are the bathroom, attic, and other rooms exposed to liquids. When mold occurs in our home, it can be difficult to notice. One of the easily noticeable signs is the unpleasant smell it gives out.

If you or your family happened to have any allergies, then a mold is the absolute last thing you want. In the US alone, hundreds of thousands of homes have mold. It is estimated that 40% of all asthma episodes are directly caused by mold. And that’s exactly why you should make your home mold-free. As a general rule, keeping the humidity below 50% will be enough to prevent mold from ever occurring in your home.

Get Houseplants

Houseplants are excellent for circulating clean air and taking away all that CO2. But even more so, houseplants impact our wellbeing by positively impacting us. It is quite known that houseplants do this. According to this post from the Sydney Morning Herald, houseplants can lower anxiety and tensions by as much as 37%.

If that isn’t enough to make your home healthier, then we don’t know what is. In addition to everything we’ve mentioned, houseplants look cool and are the best and most natural way to decorate your living space.

Wash the Food You Eat

In a previous point, we mentioned the importance of drinking clean and pure water. Well, you should also make it a priority to eat food free of bacteria and viruses. While many of you do indeed wash the fruit before you eat, what about other foods? It’s safe to say that some foods must be washed while others should be kept away from the sink at all times.

The category of foods that should never be washed includes the likes of eggs, raw meat, and fish. You can wash all other foods. But why do we do this? Well, if preventing viruses and bacteria wasn’t enough, then how about dangerous pesticides? It’s not uncommon for the fruit you buy from the farmer’s market to be sprayed against pesticides.

Eating harmful chemicals is the last thing you want. So name us a better way to eat healthily in your healthy house?

Add Air Purifiers

Air purifiers do the same job as indoor plants. But whereas some indoor plants are better at purifying indoor air, all air purifiers are good at what they do. There isn’t a better way to make your home healthier than to solve your indoor air pollution problem.

From all the purifiers and filters that exist, it is recommended to use HEPA filters as they are generally considered the best. When it comes to removing indoor air pollutants, HEPA filters can remove as much as 99% of all pollutants that include mold, bacteria, pollen, and dust.

Keep Shoes Outside

This one can be a problem for millions of households, especially those that live in apartments. But regardless, households are advised to keep the shoes outside the door as they can carry dangerous bacteria, viruses, and similar microbes.

When walking outside, the soles of our shoes can transport these microbes anywhere. And since no one has a decontamination chamber at home, what better way to keep the viruses at bay than to place the shoes outside? For those of you that have a problem doing that, make sure to get a nice doormat that can clean the soles before stepping inside. And when on that note, make sure to regularly clean the doormat.

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